About us

White Stone is a developer of modern residential and commercial real estate in Poland, actively engaged in creating a new quality in both the development sector and urban architecture. In the company’s portfolio there are intimate estates and large, multi-storey apartment buildings, complexes of class A office buildings and historic properties, undergoing revitalization, such as Warsaw’s Fort Mokotów.

The versatility and comprehensiveness of the Group is also evident in its structure.
It employs a full range of specialists – from engineers who have been present in the industry for over 20 years and have developed methods of organising investment projects, through well-educated mangers well acquainted with the modern world of business, to young people full of commitment and passion. Together they create innovative projects tailored to the needs of residents, users and the urban landscape.

The company offers optimal solutions to special purpose companies established to implement investments
as part of a capital group. This organisational form ensures professional service and control over projects and increases the financial security of investments.


History of the first development projects dates back to 1995, and under the current name White Stone operates since 2012. The portfolio of completed investments includes, among others: apartment complex at Bialy Kamien and Chodkiewicza Street (over 18.5 ha), Multimedia House Plus or Harmony Office Center in Warsaw.

The company focuses on modern architecture and design, as well as the highest quality of workmanship, which is why its projects were often awarded in competitions.

White Stone won, among others, the prize awarded by the Association of Polish Architects, also won as a developer in the competition “Eagles of the Polish Construction Industry”.

White Stone, as an “umbrella brand”, consists of three structures with different profiles of activity: White Stone Development, White Stone Constructions and White Stone Art & Culture. This division allows for the implementation of specialized projects in each of these areas, of which Art & Culture is also an expression of their own interests and passions of the people gathered in White Stone.